Jackdaw e-learning creator software from Open Elms

Create rapid e-Learning that looks like real life!!!   

Jackdaw: Rapid E-learning Authoring better than bespoke

At last you can rapidly author e-learning just like the professionals. Jackdaw moves away from the PowerPoint style designs of software such as Captivate and Articulate and produces 3D e-learning that looks and feels like real classroom training!  

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Features of the system include:

  • No coding necessary, intuitive course creation
  • 3-D virtual learning room where learning takes place
  • 100s of templates to chose from and customise
  • Video presenters can be integrated into the e-learning
  • Add tests to check on knowledge retention
  • SCORM v1.2 compliance for easy integration with any LMS
  • Collaborative development from the Jackdaw community
  • Extendable system for designers with Adobe Flash (minimal coding necessary)
  • Sell your courses on the Open Elms store
  • Purchase additional courses to complement your e-learning

Although Jackdaw was only released in 2010, the application in a development form has been used internally by Open Elms to create e-Learning courses for the last 4 years. As such it has proved to be a producer of market leading e-learning courses. Now you can gain this competitive edge.

Visit Jackdaw Microsite >

ScreenshotsJackdaw e-learning free software authorware

Home Screen

Here the user selects a course to edit, else can create a new course from scratch.

The courses can be published onto any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (not just Open Elms) from this screen.

The user also has the option of purchasing other Jackdaw courses from users of the system (showcased here).

The Jackdaw user can submit their course for sale (an additional revenue earner entitling the user to 70% of the sale price) as well as purchasing other support, hosting and training options.

Edit Course Screen

The user can edit the course, copying/pasting appropriate templates into the course structure.

This is a very simple screen involving a single learning object. Most templates are extendable so many learning objects can be included in the same screen.

Each screen is customised by editing the XML. Commonly simply changing the Title, Content and Image tags will be sufficient to customise the screen.

Note the inclusion of the optional video presenter into the system.