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Open ELms Pro
The world's leading open source business e-learning system has just got professional
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Create interactive 3D e-learning in the browser.
Run the same courses on your mobile or the web
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Complement your training with over 50 e-learning courses.

OpenElms v's Open Elms Pro

Now available in two forms

Open e-LMS is a result of a collaborative project for industry that has taken nearly 10 years in the making - current users of the technology include corporate business clients Merrill Lynch, NHS, Sea France and the National Council of School Leaders.

Open Elms has been the world's most popular alternative to Moodle since 1993 - featuring a clean interface focussed at the training needs of business.

The good news is that this leading Learning Management System is now available in two forms; see below for a comparison of the two:

Feature Open Elms Open Elms Pro
Open Source
Business focussed
Cloud based authoring
Server SQL MySQL
Language ASP PHP
Membership Support Services
What we say ... Open Source solution for users looking for a business focussed LMS to install on a Microsoft Server. If you are looking for a hosted solution with an array of additional features - such as a cloud-based 3D authoring system - then we recommend you look at Open Elms Pro. The system is not Open Source but is very competitively priced and is a one-stop solution to e-learning.

Additional Services

Bespoke e-Learning

At e-learning WMB we place video presenters in interactive virtual e-learning worlds to produce e-learning that is low cost to produce, but actually rivals TV documentaries in quality.

Editable Courses

Every course we produce can be freely edited using e-learning WMB's very own Jackdaw CMS software which we use to create the e-learning in the first place. This software far more powerful than traditional e-learning software in that it produces beautiful looking e-learning free from the design constraints found in other applications.


E-Learning Membership is a revolutionary new concept in e-learning. Membership enables you to source all your e-learning needs to one supplier, no additional payments, fees etc. Its like having an entire e-learning department attending to your every need, including designer, developers, project management and support.


Do it yourself or bespoke options are available to create a fully immersive 3D interactive induction which really makes a great first impression..